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March 28

Welcome to BHI Energy of Canada, LLC.

BHI provides supplemental Radiation Protection Technicians (called Radiological Surveyors as the discipline is referred to in Canada) that support project work at multiple nuclear facilities. Our primary contract supports work at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories at Chalk River with support work at Port Hope Area Initiative, the Nuclear Power Demonstration Facility, and the Douglas Point Nuclear Generating Station, which are all located in the Ontario Providence. We also have contracted support work at the Whiteshell Laboratories in Manitoba Providence and Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station in Quebec Providence. All of these facilities have easily accessible information from google and Wikipedia.
Radiation surveyors must be trained and qualified to be acquainted with all established Radiological principles and procedures for radiological hazard control, to be familiar with underlying Radiological ALARA principles and must be capable of taking decisive control and mitigation actions, if required. The work consists of indoor and outdoor environments, support work for processing facilities, retired facilities, laboratories, decommissioning projects and operating facilities. Some of the facilities involve Tritium monitoring, working with uncommon isotopes and hard to detect Radionuclides. 
Radiation surveyors are expected to ensure the contractor and in house staff adhere to the Radiological Protection requirements specified on the daily work permits and ensure all Program Requirements are met in regards to zoning, characterization, routine and non-routine radiological surveys, as well as perform hazard analysis for ongoing work activities, non-routine work activities requiring RP coverage, control of contamination at the work location, dress/ undress areas, update and complete RP logs, monitoring tools, equipment and staff exiting zoned areas, assist in the sampling of systems, structures and components, assist in the development of compliance reporting, assist with radioactive shipments, perform posting and marking of radiological areas, perform smear/swipe smearable contamination surveys, perform radiological airborne sampling and other normal expected RP functions.

CANADIAN NUCLEAR LABORATORIES (CNL) is a Canadian Nuclear research facility located in Chalk River, Ontario about 180 km (110 mi) north-west of Ottawa. (Directly above the state of New York).  CNL is a major research and development site (similar to a USA DOE site) that supports nuclear technology development for CANDU Reactors and research in physics, metallurgy, chemistry, biology and engineering.
All incoming staff is highly encouraged to report to the BHI office in Pembroke and meet with the BHI Site Training Coordinator. The site has a written RP entrance exam consisting of multiple choice answers as well as an Oral Board review for each employee to discuss and review all candidates’ previous RP experiences. Study materials will be sent out ahead of time of reporting and BHI will provide an unpaid 2-day refresher study session for specific questions or challenges that in-coming employees may have pertaining to the study materials. It is up to each individual to study and prepare for the exam prior to reporting and the “study session” is a “refresher course only!”  After successful completion of the entrance exam, employees will attend several site specific training sessions and complete on-line safety training before receiving their full radiation surveyor qualification.
224 Pembroke St West Pembroke, ON K8A 5N2
CNL’s Chalk River Laboratories is a designated nuclear site. CNL employs a personal radiation monitoring system to help ensure the safety of its employees, contractors and visitors. All new employees who may be entering a radiological area where dosimetry is required are required by law to provide the information for the purposes of registering occupational radiations doses with the National Dose Registry (NDR). In order to comply with the above, all BHI Energy employees are required to provide a dose record for the current one-year period and previous dose records for the previous five-year dosimetry periods prior to mobilizing and starting at the work location.
The area around Chalk River site is rural with a few small to mid-sized towns within commuting distance. The Village of Chalk River and town of Deep River (5 miles from site) usually have small apartments available at a reasonable rate.  You can expect to pay at least $700/month Canadian for a small apartment.
Petawawa (about 15 miles) and Pembroke (about 25 miles) are also towns within commuting distance of the site that have apartments, rental houses and long stay hotels.
We suggest - then type in Pembroke, Ontario and several choices will come up for lodging.
Bear’s Den Lounge and Motel
P.O. Box 1120
5 Highway 17
Deep River, Ontario K0J 1P0,
Deep River Motel
33695 Hwy. 17
Deep River Ontario K0J1P0
Pine Motel
33852 Hwy 17
Deep River Ontario K0J1P0
866 599 6674
Time Traveler’s Motel
1727 Petawawa Blvd.
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 7H7
Black Bear Campground
154 Lievin Road
Garrison, Petawawa
(15-20 minutes from site)
Pine Ridge Park and Resort
419 River Drive
(20 minutes from site)
Since Canada is a foreign country to the United States, Africa, UK and Sweden there are several things you should be prepared for when you arrive.
BHI Energy Canada is a Canadian Company and pays in Canadian Dollars. All payroll payments are performed by direct deposit so check with your bank to see if they provide service in Canada.  The Site Manager will work with you to open up a Canadian bank account if your bank can not support direct deposit in Canada. 
Required for all Non-Canadians with at least a minimum of 1 year remaining before expiration date of the passport
BHI Energy Canada provides for employee
A current valid driver’s license is required.  There is no need to get a Canadian driver’s license while working on any project site.
Most employee communication requires the use of a cell phone. Contact your cell provider to make sure you understand their pricing structure for calls and data charges inside and outside of Canada. Many employees purchase a replacement SIM card in Canada to lower their overall cell and data phone charges while in the country. Check with your cell provider for this information.
Make sure they are activated for international use.
BHI Energy of Canada, LLC Contacts:
Director of Operations
Butch Smith 1-800-225-0385 ext. 1371
Senior Canada Recruiter:
Lethea Davis 1-800-225-0385 ext. 1393
CNL BHI Site Manager
Cliff Froude 1-613-639-5963



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