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June 19
Welcome Page - Angra 1 - Eletronuclear – Eletrobrás Termonuclear S.A.

General Plant info
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Angra Nuclear Power Plant is Brazil's sole nuclear power plant. It is located at the Central Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto (CNAAA) on the Itaorna Beach in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It consists of two Pressurized water reactors, Angra I, with a net output of 657 MWe[1], first connected to the power grid in 1985 and Angra II, with a net output of 1,350 MWe [2], connected in 2000. Work on a third reactor, Angra III, with a projected output of 1,350 MWe[3], began in 1984, was halted, and is expected to start again in late 2008 or early 2009.[4]
Angra I was purchased from Westinghouse of the USA, and the purchase did not include the transfer of sensitive reactor technology. As a result, Angra II was built with German technology, as part of a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Brazil and West Germany signed by President Ernesto Geisel in 1975. The complex was designed to have three PWR units with a total output of around 3,000 MWe and was to be the first of 4 nuclear plants that would be built up to 1990.
The equipment for Angra III, the last phase of the complex, was purchased in 1995 but has been in storage ever since, consuming 50 million dollars a year in maintenance costs.
Though the government of President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva has repeatedly stated its intention to build Angra III and complete the project, it is unlikely that this will happen before 2013. The negative results of Angra have caused the shelving of all other projected nuclear plants in Brazil (Iguape, Peruíbe and São Sebastião).
The complex is administrated by Eletronuclear, a state company with the monopoly in nuclear power generation in Brazil. The complex employs some 3,000 people and generates another 10,000 indirect jobs in Rio de Janeiro state.
The problems with Angra I, II and III construction relate to a number of technical issues during initial construction, and the following political fallout [5]. Many also think that the choice of location for the power plants was very poor. Angra dos Reis city and its neighbors are composed of medium high and high income population, its economy relies in great part on tourism and above all the region is regarded by many as a sanctuary for marine life.
This creates a strong opposition from anti-nuclear NGOs such as Greenpeace and locals that see the project as a menace to the region's economy and well being of its residents.
SGRP Outage Info Timeline
Milestone Dates
Work Schedules (General)

June 19
Your Questions? and Answers!

Please click on the link below with your questions and I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability!
Thanks, Milan Palmer

June 19
Electrical Adapter Use in Brazil - BEWARE Electrical Converters & Electrical Adapters are not the same thing - Converters are not needed - However Adapters are needed! Needed if you have a 3-prong plug on your device - Wall receptacles are only 2-pronged

To see our photo gallery - There are 3 photos of electrical adapters follow the instructions listed below!
Go back to the top of this page - to the left of the photograph is a box entitled "Links"
Click on "Photos" just below the word "Links" - that will bring you to the photo gallery
Enlarge the photo of interest by placing your cursor over the photo you want then - then perform 1 left click -your photo will enlarge!
To enlarge one more time - place the cursor over the photo and then perform 1 left click - it will enlarge for one final time!

June 19
Direct Deposit Form for Payroll & Per Diem 

There are (3) three options in reutrning the completed Direct Deposit Form (and voided check) for processing:
Option #1 - Complete form along with a voided check from your Bank account/Banking Institution where you are directing the company Payroll Dept. to deposit these funds. Fax the form and copy of the voided check to Jim Conley's attention: 508-749-6058
Option # 2 - Scan/copy completed form and voided check and e-mail to
Option # 3
Mail the completed form and voided check to the following address:
Bartlett Nuclear, Inc.
c/o Jim Conley
Payroll Dept.
PO Box 1800
Plymouth, MA 02360
Note: Technicians should send the Direct Deposit Form and copy of voided check to Jim Conley at the Bartlett Corporate Ofiice before they leave for Brazil!
Click on the link below to access the Direct Deposit Form


June 19
Form W-4 (2009) Federal Income Tax Witholding Form

There are three options in reuturning the completed Form W-4 (2009) for processing - Note: the W-4 form has 2 pages - page 2 is the deduction and adjustment worksheet page - it is not necessary to send this page into the corporate office - page 1 is sufficient.
Option #1 - Complete W-4 Form and fax the form to Jim Conley's attention: 508-749-6058
Option # 2 - Scan/copy completed W-4 Form and e-mail to
Option # 3
Mail the completed W-4 Form to the following address:
Bartlett Nuclear, Inc.
c/o Jim Conley
Payroll Dept.
PO Box 1800
Plymouth, MA 02360
This W-4 Form should be sent in to the Bartlett Corporate Office before Technicians leave for Brazil.
Click on link below to access W-4 Form


June 19
General info and what to bring on your trip!

Ideas have been submitted by the few Bartlett Techs who are already there and Michelle Lequia
1. Alarm Clock with batteries
2. Iron - if you plan to iron your clothes
3. Lightweight clothing
4. Your prescription medications
5. Electrical adapters - 3 prong to 2 prong, extension cord,
multiple outlet strip
6. Water - it is recommended to buy
bottled water to drink, water in the
Hotel is good for bathing and brushing
7. Sunscreen and or Aloe vera products
8. Rain Gear, Poncho, Umbrella

June 19
Contact Information


Personal contact info – for Bartlett Mgmt. & others
None at this time
Bartlett /ANGRA - plant contact info & contact numbers
None at this time
Iberdrola & Westinghouse contact Info & contact numbers
None at this time
Housing info – list of housing sites & contact numbers
See info under lodging
Transportation resources & contact numbers
None at this time
US Embassy contact info
See this info under internet links
Emergency contact info (ICE on everyone’s cell phone)

June 19
Training Infomation

GET/Plant Specific Training


Techs who have gone through the training process have made these comments regarding RP & Site Specific Training.


1.) There is very little training


2.) No training on computers


3.) A paper test is administered - the study text is about 25 or so pages - somewhat translated into English. Sources have indicated that the test is easy and does not meet the rigors of US Power Plant testing.



(Training Material & Study Guide)
None at this time
RP Specific Training (Surveys & Instruments)
This is a partial list of Radiation Detection Instrumentation I received from Angra's RPM!


Ion Chambers:

Babyline; RAM Ion, RO-20, RO-7, Dosimeter,


Frisker / Geiger-Muller:

RM-14, RM-20, RM-25, GP500, E120, PSN7013 (Brazilian), Avior 2000,MCB2, SABG15, AD-5, AD-5T (telescopic);E520; E530 Ci451, FH40GL,6112B, Telescan, FH40GL/FHT7, Radiagen.


Portable air samplers (radeco), electronic dosimeters (Rados rad-52 / rad-62, MGP DMC 2000), ALPHA-BETA counter Oxford Tennelec (Canberra) and others.


Are RP surveys and or documentation written in Portuguesa or English?

Normally the surveys are in Portuguese, but it would be accepted to have it in Spanish and or English. For SGR instructions, we have both in English and Prtuguese.





SGRP Training from Iberdrola & Westinghouse
No information at this time!
Bartlett Company and or Bartlett Site Specific Training
Safety training
The Bartlett Safety and Employee Handbook in addition to Utility rules, regulations and procedure will be the default documents for Safety considerations.

June 19
Travel Itinerary

General Flight Info
Travel times (Departure-flight time-Arrival)
Brazilian Airport info




Galeão Airport (GIG)


Meeting information – where do we meet others at - airport (default location)
Airport to Angra dos Reis (or place of housing) Transportation

Rio de Janeiro International -

June 19
Lodging (Hotel Accomodations)

Used for housing BNI employees
posted by Milan palmer 1/16/2009




English Translation of Hotel Website - click below








Location from Plant
Address & Phone Numbers
Central Reservations
Av. Pres. Av. Vargas, 590 sala 1207 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20071-000 Vargas, 590 sala 1207 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20071-000
(21) 4062 0204 / (11) 4063 0616/ (21) 8693 0401 / Nextel - ID:24*8 (21) 4062 0204 / (11) 4063 0616 / (21) 8693 0401 / Nextel - ID: 24 * 8
Hotel Engenho do Bracuhy Hotel Engenho of Bracuhy
Rod. Rio Santos, Km 505 Rod Rio Santos, Km 505
Angra dos Reis - RJ Angra dos Reis - RJ
Laundry Services - See Photo Gallery for a written list of laundry service prices
Internet & Phone Service
The Hotel is equipped with wireless
Internet for computer use.

Hotel Engenho of Bracuhy