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June 04
Welcome to ANO
Site Coordinator – Barry Keele

Any special requests such as shift preference, days off, work assignments, etc should be sent to me here vial email

Click here to see a map of the site​

Report at 0700 on your staffing day to the Training Center.  Park in the lot on the east side, this is the first lot you come to if coming from Russellville.

Use crosswalk to access sidewalk and go all the way to the west end of the building where a break area is located.  Bring a lunch, you may not have time to go to town for a meal.

There you will check in with myself, I will give you paperwork to complete.  If you have not worked for BHI this year, bring the needed documents to fill out an I9 form (most common is DL and SS Card, but, a

Passport and other various forms of ID are also acceptable.  This is your choice, please review this list (on the IRS website) for more info.  I will also have W4 forms for you to fill out and direct deposit forms as well..

You will need to attach a voided check to the DD form.

Please bring a copy of your form 5 for Dosimetry.

Due to the large number of outages that are happening at the same time, I will only be allowed to submit travel forms one time… The Cap is $750.00 at 54.5 cents per mile. If you max out the $750.00, tolls do not add to that.

If you are travelling greater than 501 miles, you can get reimbursed for meals for up to $40.00 (Need receipts with your name printed on them) and up to $200.00 for lodging, once again a receipt with your name on it is required.

These are 1 time deals no matter how far you travel, as long as it is over 501 miles.

You will check in with ANO staff and proceed to the auditorium for a short indoctrination.  After that, it will be a combination of CBT’s, drug screening, fingerprinting, Security paperwork review, etc.

Plan on a 10 hour day.  0700-1730 with ½ hour break for lunch.

The outage kickoff is still to be determined, but, it may follow the first day of inprocesing…

ANO requires safety toed shoes for work in the power block areas, please bring them with you.

BHI will be wearing Gold Hardhats this outage, I will have them for you if you do not have one already.  Gloves and Safety Glasses are also available.

You will receive an email from BHI Security with a link to a website where you will fill out and submit a PHQ.  Please print a copy because they will need that info here as well.

Entergy is currently NOT using Pads and this may impact some of the paperwork, not only for security, but, for RP quals and dosimetry as well.  We are working through these issues and

They should be inconsequential to returnees from last outage. 

IF you cannot make it, call the BHI recruiter

Scott Davis X1291


Terrence Ball X1258


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