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June 19
Beaver Valley 1R19 Refueling Outage

Welcome to the Beaver Valley 2R14 refueling outage. My Name is John Hill. I am the Bartlett Site Manager. If you have questions, you can call me on my cell at 570-204-6329 or call the Bartlett home office and talk to Kelli Logan at ext 1259 or Joey Melanson at ext 1272.
Beaver Valley is a 2 unit PWR. It is owned by First Energy and is operated by the First Energy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC). The plant is located in Shippingport PA. and is located 35 miles north of Pittsburg.
The outage is currently scheduled to commence on October 12,2009 for a planned duration of 35 days. The week prior to the outage may require you to work some overtime to complete the required training.
We are scheduled to work 6-12 hour days for the outage. If there is any reason you cannot work a specific shift, day, or must work the same day or opposite shift as someone else please let me know as soon as possible and I will try (cannot promise) to accommodate you.

June 19
Reporting information

​Please report to the Training Building at 0700 on the day you are scheduled to arrive. The training building is located across the street (route 168) from the main parking lot. You will need two forms of identification, (i.e. photo ID and social security card or original birth certificate). Please come prepared with information you may need such as dose history, FFD, etc. Ensure you are on time for all training classes as the schedules are strictly adhered to.

June 19

Beaver Valley Powwer station is located along PA route 168 in Shippingport Pa. Shippingport is located about 30 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is easily accessible from Interstate Routes 70,76, 70, and 80. The main secondary access highway is Pa. route 60.
From Route 60 take exit 13, route 68 west toward Midland. After crossing the Shippingport Bridge, turn left and go about 500 feet and turn right into the Training Building parking lot. Go in the main door and I will meet you in the Lobby.

June 19
Personal Safety Equipment

​ANSI certified safety shoes (steel or composite toe) are required in the plant. Non-prescription safety glasses and hardhat will be provided. Two sets of scrubs will be provided by the Utility.

June 19
NUF Requirements

​If you need to take the NEU exam, (it’s good for 5 yrs at FENOC sites) please review the material prior to arriving on site.

June 19

Sky Bank Midland, main Street 724-643-4900
Sky Bank Aliquippa, Green Garden Rd 724-375-7741
Sky Bank Beaver Valley Mall, Monaca 724-773-1093

June 19

Alpine Motel Beaver Falls 724-846-9820
Beaver Valley Motel Beaver Falls 724-843-0630
Conley Inn Beaver Falls 724-843-9300
Danny’s Motel Beaver Falls 724-846-1940
Gene’s Motel New Brighton 724-843-9576
Hilltop Motel Beaver Falls 724-846-4430
Holiday Inn Beaver Falls 724-846-3700
Lark Motel Beaver Falls 724-846-6507
Monaca Hotel Monaca 724-728-5994
Willows Inn Industry 724-643-4500
Super 8Motel University Blvd 412-264-7888
Allegheny Motor Inn University Blvd 412-264-1003
Best Value Inn University Blvd 412-264-2378
Camp Grounds
Hart’s Content Camp Ground 724-846-0005
Crawford’s Camping Park 724-846-5964