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December 29
Welcome to Brown's Ferry

BHI Energy welcomes you to your assignment at Brown's Ferry. This blog is intended to familiarize yourself with the site and local area in preparation for your employment with BHI Energy at Brown's Ferry.
Brown's Ferry is a 3 unit GE designed BWR located on Wheeler Lake in Decatur Alabama, east of Huntsville and south of Athens Alabama. The plant is owned and operated by The Tennessee Valley Authority.
Brown's Ferry considers safety to be of paramount importance and the first consideration when planning and executing all tasks. All Brown's Ferry station personnel are required to immediately report unsafe conditions or actions to their appropriate upervisor.
While working at Brown's Ferry, all BHI Energy team members are required to fully observe all site policies, procedures, directives, regulations, and refrain from any activity that may result in an unsafe condition or regulatory violation.
Please direct all questions to your appropriate supervisor or the BHI Energy Site Leader.
Thank you for choosing to be part of the BHI Energy team at Brown's Ferry. Bartlett and TVA look forward to your assignment. We appreciate your efforts in assisting Brown's Ferry with surpassing it's goals for safety and performance.


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