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August 28
Welcome To Clinton Power Station

Attached please find an ​Informational Package to help assist you with your time at Clinton. Please click hereWelcome To Clinton package.pdfWelcome To Clinton package.pdf

May 20

Important notes for new hires: If this is your first nuclear facility, here are a few tips to make your training phase flow smoother. If you served in active military duty or discharged within the last 3 yrs and it was considered employment, you must provide a copy of your DD214. You will need names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of all of your employers, within the last three yrs. You will need a list of all of your residences, including addresses, for the last five yrs. You will need to list all arrests since your 18th birthday. You must bring the arresting paperwork and proof of court disposition. I cannot stress enough the importance of completing all security paperwork as honestly and as straightforward as you can. Omission on your paperwork is reason for termination of unescorted access.
Transportation Requirements:
It is required that each employee has their own transportation. If you have a issue I must know 2 weeks prior to your start date. If you show up with this issue, you will risk having a shift issue I can't fix.
Shift preference, requested SDO’s and special requests: In an attempt to accommodate everyone the best I can, I am requesting that you inform me of any special needs and/or requests. If you are traveling with someone and need to be on the same shift or you have other legitimate requests, please inform me at the earliest possible time of those requests. You can email me at, or call me at 815-830-2029. I will make every attempt to honor your request but as you know sometimes it may not be possible. Schedules are developed weeks prior to the outage and I may be unable to adjust, to meet your needs if I am unaware of them until your report date.
You need 2 forms of ID. One must be a valid government issued photo ID (Valid {NOT EXPIRED} Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport), and the other should be your social security card, or ORIGINAL birth certificate. Senior HP techs must be current on NISP trng, or if missing any STE's we will need to get them scheduled. If you are an NRRPT “active participant”,  NRRPT must be verified, so bring your NRRPT certificate with you.
Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided, however if you have your own favorites, they are acceptable as long as they meet ANSI standards. Safety shoes are required and composite toes are preferred over steel toes for ease in processing through the gatehouse. No sneakers or open toed shoes are allowed. Work shoes must be worn during in-processing. Scrubs are provided on-site. Clinton does not permit you to bring your own scrubs or wear theirs offsite. Bank runs and other off-site errands will be very hard to accommodate during the first couple days of training, especially for non-returnees, as the in-processing schedule for those days is fairly tight.


May 20
Clinton C1R19

For all BHI Energy/Power Services folks coming to Clinton’s Outage, first let me say Thank you. My name is Marta Overstreet, and I will be the Site Coordinator for the outage. The report time is 0645 for your first day. The address is 8401 Power Road Clinton, IL 61727.
As you arrive, you will pick up a site inprocessing folder and will be directed to your first room assignment. In this folder, look for the purple training schedule. This will list all of your classes required prior to badging. Do not be late to classes; no late entries are accepted and you will have to re-schedule. This will delay badging.
I will be in the cafeteria with folders containing BHI Energy inprocessing paperwork. Please stop by prior to going to your first room. Most of our folks will have FFD scheduled right away, so plan accordingly. If you are going to be late, please call me, I will have my cell phone and will check messages regularly. My number is 815-830-2029. Reception is limited within the building.
The outage is scheduled to begin 9/16/19. The outage duration is approx. 20 days. During the outage we will work seven twelves (84 hours per week) the first and third week.  The second week will be six twelves (72 hrs per week)  Jr RP's and JR Decon will work straight six twelve's (72 hrs per week).   Prior to the outage we will work five eight’s (40 hours per week) with limited overtime.

The use of cell phone cameras is prohibited on company property, or company sponsored events. Photographing and videotaping on company property must be in compliance with site security procedures. 
I will be assigning days off at Clinton.  Payroll is difficult at Clinton, once days off are assigned I do not plan on changing them.  Thanks for your cooperation.











March 11

​BHI Energy recently made changes to the payment method of per diem for eligible employees.  To assist you in understanding these changes, we have prepared the following answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need further information or have any questions, please call the Payroll Department @ 800-225-0385

1)    If I already have Direct Deposit (DD) will my Per Diem (PD) automatically be deposited ?  YES
2)    Can I still elect to receive a “live” PD check?  PD is a non-taxable earning code on the weekly check.  It is no longer a separate check.  The entire check is paid either DD or live check, based on employee set up.
3)    Is travel expenses and/or travel day PD included as a DD?  For employees recruited out of the Piedmont SC office, travel is part of the weekly check (i.e., would be DD if employee is set up for DD).  For employees recruited out of the Weymouth MA office, travel continues to be a live check.  As we continue to streamline operations, we expect to have a consistent process by year end.
4)    Will cash advances be DDed?  Per Diem advances will continue to be a live check.
5)    Will bonuses/incentives be DDed ?  Bonuses will continue to be a live check.
6)    Can PD be DDed into a different account?  Employees are set up for one direct deposit account.  The entire check is DD into the one account in the employee record.  To ensure operational efficiency and reduced account maintenance and minimal direct deposit rejects, the limit is one account for DD.
7)    How will it appear on my stub?  The Per Diem is a separate non-taxable line item on the check.  The earning code (PD1) shows as a separate line on the check.  The number of days per diem, the per diem rate, and total amount shows on the check stub.
8)    Will my W-2 be any different?  The Per Diem will not show on the W2 earnings, as per diem is not taxable wages.
9)    Can I opt out of DD?  To delete DD, please email requesting to cancel DD.  Please include name and last 4 digits of SSN.

June 19
Exelon Inprocessing Checklist

Exelon Inprocessing Checklist

Listed below are items that individuals inprocessing at one of our Nuclear Facilities shall arrive with on their hire day.
The following are required items:
v State or Government Issued Picture ID (If picture is on a valid, e.g., not expired, etc. Drivers License that will be sufficient)
v Social Security Card/Work Visa #/Naturalization Certification #
v Location and date of last Unescorted Access to any nuclear station in the US
v Education Institutions, city & state addresses, dates attended (information should include high school)
v Four personal references (must be available for contact)
Ø Names, addresses & telephone numbers (day/evening)
(References cannot be related to the individual or residing in their home)
v Employment History (3 years or since last unescorted access)
Ø Company names, addresses & telephone numbers
Ø Dates employed (from & to) (Must include Month/Day/Year)
Ø Name of a contact person for each company
v Unemployment Periods
Ø Dates Unemployed (From & To) (Must include Month/Day/Year)
Ø Must be verified by a personal reference (can be related) with a telephone number
v Credit History
Ø Must List 1 creditor (VISA, Master Charge, etc.) and explain any credit difficulties. Foreign Nationals must bring in a credit report from Country of Origin.
v Residences for Last 5 Years or since last unescorted access
v Arrest Documentation
Ø All Arrests, since your 18th birthday, need to be reported (Except Minor Traffic e.g. Speeding or Parking).
· You Must Bring the Arresting papers & Final Court Disposition for any arrest occurring within the last 5 years.
· If It Is a single DUI Arrest within 365 days, you must bring copies of the Arresting papers, the Court Disposition, the Evaluation by a Certified Addiction Counselor and any treatment requirements.
· Any PENDING DUI Arrests must have a current Evaluation by a Certified Addiction Counselor.
· You may be required to provide documentation for any arrest.
v Fitness for Duty
Ø All persons must successfully pass a Pre-Access Drug & Alcohol Test
All persons applying for Unescorted Access MUST Indicate:
¨ If you have ever been denied unescorted access at any nuclear power plant.
¨ If you have ever been removed from or made ineligible for unescorted access to any nuclear facility, Technical Support Center (TSC) or Emergency Operations Facility (EOF) for a violation of a Fitness For Duty Program.
¨ If you have violated an employer’s drug and alcohol testing program.
¨ If you have subverted or attempted to subvert a drug or alcohol testing program or refused to take a drug or alcohol test.
¨ If you have used, sold or possessed illegal drugs or abused illegal drugs.
¨ If you have had legal or employment action taken for alcohol or drug use.
¨ If you have been subjected to a plan for substance abuse treatment (except for self-referral)
¨ If you have tested positive for illegal drugs or use of alcohol that resulted in on duty impairment, or pre-employment testing.

Individual has one or more DUI arrests and/or convictions or any pending DUI arrest:
Individual must show up on site with disposition of court case and documentation of any effective chemical dependency evaluation by a Certified Additions Counselor* and/or treatment following each event.
Individual has three (3) or more DUI arrests, resolved or unresolved:
Individual may not be eligible for unescorted access. Contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to arriving on site to process.
Individual has a non-nuclear Fitness for Duty violation.
Individual must provide documentation of a Certified Addictions Counselor’s evaluation, completion/progress of treatment or rehabilitation prior to arriving on site to apply for unescorted access. In order to be approved, contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to showing up on site.
Individual has ever been refused or discharged from employment for a violation of a Fitness for Duty Program.
Individual must provide documentation of a Certified Addictions Counselor’s evaluation, completion/progress of treatment or rehabilitation prior to arriving on site to apply for unescorted access. Approval to be determined by Exelon Security Reviewer.
Individual has been subjected to a plan for treating substance abuse except for self-referral for treatment over any period of time.
Individual must show up on site with documentation of a Certified Addictions Counselor’s evaluation, completion/progress on treatment or rehabilitation. Approval to be determined by Exelon Security Reviewer.
Individual has tested positive for illegal drugs or use of alcohol that resulted in on duty impairment.
Individual must provide documentation of a Certified Addictions Counselor’s evaluation, completion/progress of treatment or rehabilitation prior to arriving on site to apply for unescorted access. In order to be approved, contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to showing up on site.
Individual requires a clinical interview due to results of the MMPI.
Individual must have a clinical interview and the resulting evaluation must be favorable. Exelon will set up the appointment and cover the expense of the interview. Individual will be expected to comply with the instructions provided by Security.
Individual should be prepared to list all arrests (e.g., Criminal Charges, Convictions or Proceedings) since their 18th birthday or since their last unescorted access whether convicted or not convicted. Individuals should list all felony, misdemeanor, traffic or military criminal history to include court martials or non-judicial punishment. This includes guilty pleas and nolle contendere, any suspended sentences, pre-trial diversions, dismissals, nolle prosse, or first offender cases. (Individuals may omit speeding tickets or parking tickets) All alcohol related arrests must be listed.
Individual must show up on site with documentation of disposition of court case(s) and may require an interview by Exelon Security.
Documentation may be required for any arrest outside of the 5 year scope as deemed necessary by the Exelon Security Reviewer.
Results of fingerprints from the FBI will be received prior to granting Unescorted Access.

Individual has other than “Honorable Discharge” from the Armed Services.
Individual must contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer for an interview and supply any additional information required.
Individual has been denied access at any nuclear facility over any period of time.
Individual must contact Exelon Security for an interview prior to individual’s arrival on site and supply any additional information required as appropriate by the Exelon Security Reviewer.
Probation, parole or work release.
MUST contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to arrival on site.
Individual has any Fitness for Duty violations, nuclear, non-nuclear or a combination of the two.
MUST contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to arrival on site.
Individual has any drug related arrests.
MUST contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to arrival on site.
Individual has an arrest and/or conviction for the sale, delivery or manufacture of illegal drugs.
MUST contact the appropriate Exelon Security Reviewer prior to arrival on site.
*Certified Addictions Counselors may be found in the yellow pages of your phone book or contact your nearest addictions center or hospital for referral.

June 19
Visitors Guide



Site Phone Number: 217/935-8881

Site Fax Number: 217/935-8294

Clinton Power Station is located 6 miles east of Clinton Illinois on Highway 54. The plant is located in the center of the triangle formed between Champaign-Urbana, Decatur and Bloomington-Normal Illinois. The plant is mid-way between Chicago and St. Louis (approximately 150 miles in either direction).
Bloomington-Normal Hotels/Motels
Hotel/Motel Comments
Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center Nice, great for extend
1801 Eastland Drive stay (1 week or more)
Bloomington, IL convenient to airport,
309/662-0000 contain small kitchen, etc.
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Nice, good choice, very
Veterans Parkway & Brickyard Drive new, quite accessible to
Bloomington, IL plant, interior hallways to
309/664-6446 rooms
Fairfield Inn Okay, North end of Normal,
202 N. Landmark Drive exterior hallways to rooms
(Veterans Parkway and Parkway Plaza Dr.)
Normal, IL
309/454-6600 or 1-800/228-2800
Hampton Inn Okay, interior hallways to
604 1/2 IAA Drive rooms
(Veterans Parkway & Route 9/Empire St.)
Bloomington, IL
309/662-2800 or 1-800/426-7866
Jumer’s Chateau Nice, convenient to airport,
1601 Jumer Drive elegant, fine dining in hotel
(Veterans Parkway & Jumer Drive) (Le Radis Rouge-French/American)
Bloomington, IL
309/662-2020 or 1-800/285-8637
Signature Inn Okay, interior hallways to
101 South Veterans Parkway rooms
(Veterans Parkway & College Avenue)
Normal, IL
309/454-4044 or 1-800/822-5252

Bloomington-Normal Hotels/Motels (continued)
Hotel/Motel Comments
Comfort Suites New, easy access to
310 Greebriar Drive backroads to CPS or
Normal, IL Veterans Parkway.
309/452-8588 Interior hallways.
Courtyard by Marriott New, easy access to
310A Greenbriar Drive backroads to CPS or
Normal, IL Veteran’s Parkway.
309/862-1166 Interior hallways.
Holiday Inn Older, but nice.
8 Trader’s Circle North Normal, I-55/I-39
Normal, IL Interior Hallway/pool.
309/452-8300 or 1-800-HOLIDAY
Holiday Inn Express & Suites New, easy access to
715 Parkway Plaza and Drive backroads to CPS or
Normal, IL Veterans Parkway.
309/862-1600 or 1-800-HOLIDAY Interior Hallways/pool.
Country Inn & Suites by Carlson New, West side, easy
923 Maple Hill Road (Route 9 West and I-55/74) access to I-55/74.
Bloomington, IL Interior Hallways.
309/828-7177 or 1/800-456-4000
Best Western University Inn Older, but nice.
6 Trader’s Circle North Normal. I-55/I-39
Normal, IL Interior Hallways.
309/454-4070 or 1/800-f528-1234
Bloomington-Normal Restaurant Guide
Name Address Phone (309)
Alexanders Steak House 1503 East College Ave, Normal 454-7300
Applebees 502 N. Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington 663-2134
Arnie’s at the Airport Route 9 East, Bloomington 662-4212
Avanti’s (Sandwich/Italian) 407 South Main, Normal, 452-4436
Baker’s Square 321 N. Veterans Pkwy, Normal 454-5555
Bennigan’s Restaurant 115 N. Veterans Pkwy, Normal 454-5577
Biaggi’s Marketcafe (Italian) N. Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington 661-8322
Carlos O’Kelley’s (Mexican) 2105 N. Veterans Pkwy, Normal 662-9747
Central Station 201 East Front St, Bloomington 828-2323
Chili’s Bar & Grill 2107 N. Veterans Pkwy, Normal 663-8060
Cracker Barrel (Country) 502 Brock Drive, Bloomington 829-3155
Damon’s (Ribs/Steaks) 1701 Fort Jesse Rd., Normal 454-5000
Delgado’s (Mexican) 201 Landmark Drive, Normal 454-4747
Divino’s (Italian) 401 N. Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington 661-9922
Godfathers Pizza 1540 East College Ave., Normal 452-4466
The Grand Cafe (Chinese) 615 North Main St., Bloomington 828-0324
Jim’s Steak House 2307 East Washington, Bloomington 663-4142
Lone Star Steakhouse 903 IAA Drive, Bloomington 663-7827
Ned Kelly’s Steakhouse 1603A Morrissey Drive, Bloomington 663-1700
Olive Garden Italian Rest. 1701 East Empire, Bloomington 663-7375
Ozark House (Steaks/Ribs) 704 South McGregor, Bloomington 827-9300
Red Lobster (Seafood) 714 East Eldorado Rd., Bloomington 663-9405
Schooner’s (Sandwiches) 810 East Grove St., Bloomington 829-6841
Tien Tsin (Chinese) 1500 East Empire, Bloomington 663-9361
Bob Evans Restaurant 801 IAA Drive, Bloomington 663-3151
Jumer’s Le Radis Rouge 1601 Jumer Drive 662-2525

Champaign-Urbana Hotels/Motels
Hotel/Motel Comments
Best Western Cunningham Place Suites available, a little older.
1907 N. Cunningham Ave
Urbana, IL
Best Western Heritage Inn
420 S. Murray Rd
Champaign, IL
Best Western Paradise Inn Motel Close to airport, south side of
Rt 45 S. Champaign. A little older.
Champaign, IL
Budgetel Inns
302 W. Anthony Dr
Champaign, IL
Drury Inn & Suites Nice, new, convenient to I-74.
I-74 & Prospect Blvd Close to food and shopping.
Champaign, IL
Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center New, very nice, close to I-74.
1001 Killarney
Urbana, IL
Howard Johnson
1505 N. Neil
Champaign, IL
Ramada Ltd New and close to I-74.
902 Killarney
Urbana, IL
Red Roof Inns Champaign
I-74 & Neil
Champaign, IL
409 W. University Ave
Urbana, IL

Champaign-Urbana Restaurant Guide
Name Address Phone (217)
Alexanders Steak House 202 Anthony Dr., Chg 359-1789
Biaggis Italian - great food
Cheddars 2101 N. Prospect Ave., Chg 356-7388
Chili's Grill & Bar 1905 N. Prospect Ave., Chg 398-2161
Colorado Steakhouse 1805 S. Neil, Chg 359-6776
Courier Cafe (smoke free)
Dos Reales Mexican - great
Hideaway Restaurant 701 Devonshire Dr., Chg 356-3081
Jumer's Restaurant 209 S. Broadway Ave., Urb 384-8811
Kennedys 1717 S. Philo Rd., Urb 384-8111
Ned Kellys Steakhouse 1601 N. Cunningham Ave., Urb 344-8201
Olive Garden Italian Rest. 30 E. Anthony Dr., Chg 351-6339
Outback Steakhouse
Pickle's Food & Fun 505 S. Neil St., Chg 356-1930
Red Lobster
Silver Creek (smoke free)
TGI Friday's 101 Trade Center, Dr., Chg 352-8178
The Ribeye 1701 S. Neil St., Chg 351-9115
Texas Roadhouse
Timpones (Italian) 710 S. Goodwin Ave., Urb 344-7619
Decatur Hotels/Motels
Hotel/Motel Comments
Baymont Inns Nice. Relatively new. Interior
5100 Hickory Point hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Best Western Shelton Inn Nice. Relatively new. Interior
450 E. Pershing Rd hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Confort Inn of Forsyth Nice. Relatively new. Interior
134 Barnett Ave hallways. Clean.
Forsyth, IL
Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Nice. Relatively new. Interior
5150 Hickory Point Frontage Rd hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Days Inn-Decatur Nice. Relatively new. Interior
333 N. Wyckles Rd hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Fairfield Inn Nice. Relatively new. Interior
1417 Hickory Point Dr hallways. Clean.
Forsyth, IL
Hampton Inn Nice. Relatively new. Interior
1429 Hickory Point Dr hallways. Clean.
Forsyth, IL
Holiday Inn Select-Conference Hotel Older hotel, but very nice.
4191 US 36 West Interior hallways.
Decatur, Il
Ramada Limited Nice. Relatively new. Interior
355 E. Hickory Point Rd hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Super 8 Motel Nice. Relatively new. Interior
3141 N. Water hallways. Clean.
Decatur, IL
Decatur Restaurant Guide
Name Address Phone (217)
Alfredo’s 450 E. Pershing Rd 877-7255
Applebee’s 1275 S. Route 51, Forsyth 875-0281
Bink’s Lounge & Restaurant 1770 E. Pershing Rd 875-6692
Carlos O’Kelly’s 2930 N. Main 877-0967
Cheddar’s Casual Cafe 1340 Hickory Point Dr., Forsyth 877-3100
Country Kitchen 5160 Hickory Point Frontage Rd 875-4460
Cracker Barrel 5120 Hickory Point Frontage Rd 876-8036
Hometown Buffet 994 S. Route 51, Forsyth 872-8221
Lone Star Steakhouse 3131 N. Water 876-7827
Monical’s Pizza 635 W. Pershing 877-0688
Old Country Buffet 3194 N. Water 875-0525
Red Lobster 1280 E. Pershing Rd 875-1610
Tater’s Family Grill 2981 N. Main 877-1111
Texas Roadhouse 1155 S. 51 876-7380
Tom’s Grill & Lounge 1856 N. Main 875-9835

Clinton Hotels/Motels
Hotel/Motel Comments
Days Inn Nice. Relatively new. Interior
1101 Kleeman Dr. hallways. Clean.
Clinton, IL
Clinton Restaurant Guide
Name Address Phone (217)
China Wok 47 Cedar Square Shopping Center 935-8119
Grecian Gardens 424 W. Van Buren 935-4324
Maverick Family Steak House 806 N. Side Square 935-4532
Monical’s Pizza Rt 10 E. 935-2919
Rudy’s Drive In 308 P. Ortland Pl. 935-2011
Snappers Bar & Grill 304 Southside Square 935-8515
Soto’s Place 602 S. Center 935-2336
The Shack 506 S. Grant 935-4646
Three Star Family Restaurant 1161 W. State Hwy 54 935-4411