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January 15
Welcome To Columbia Generating Station

Columbia Station 

 In-processing info Columbia 2019   


Note:   There is not a cafeteria available for inprocessing... limited vending machines....

Bring a lunch with you!   There will not be time to drive into town for lunch....

         Inside the PA there will be a limited cafeteria for the outage, this is a change from previous outages...

Some info for the Columbia outage this spring:    

Report to Building 184 on day 1 at 0630.

Follow the signs to the parking area.


Do not go to the plant!   There is a security checkpoint that you will not be allowed through.



Directions to the site:  Coming from Richland, you take Stevens Drive (aka bypass/Hanford hwy).  Drive north toward the Hanford DOE Site/Columbia Plant. At Mile Marker 16 you will see a sign for inprocesing, turn right and go about 1 mile, then go left (follow signs) this road weaves to the parking area for inprocessing.   Bldg 184 is down the hill, be careful walking, loose gravel and a jersey barrier to cross (use stairs and handrails!!!

On the same level as the parking area you will see several other buildings, one is for dressout training and a little south is Bldg 186.. This is where the RP training will be on your second day from 0600 to 1600

10 hour shifts for training... I am still working on a roll to shift schedule...


Once at Bldg 184 you check in with the staff at an available window…you will receive a folder with a traveler in it, maps, a handbook...please keep it as you will need it on site.  The traveler will list what you need to do… typically you will start with a PHQ check at the security window, Photo ID copy if needed, hand geometry, badge photo, etc...Then you can start CBT’s...these will vary with each technician, you will also have some things scheduled such as Occupational Health, Dosimetry, Fall Protection Practical, Dress Out, etc...not everyone will need everything.  Badges will be hung at the security window in Bldg 184, they will start to become available.

Once you are complete and have a badge, you can report to the Plant.

To get to the plant you return to Stevens Dr./Hanford Hwy and proceed NW to the Energy Northwest, Columbia plant access road...DO NOT SPEED...there is a security checkpoint, please be sure to check your vehicle for contraband prior to coming onsite...then make your way to parking and access the PA via the security access building.  Our Break trailer is 152.  (Shared with laborers.)

I will be around to provide guidance as needed.

Thank you...Barry Keele



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