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Crystal River


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June 19
Welcome to Crystal Rivers Page

Crystal River 3
7 MI NW of Crystal River FL on Powerline RD
Crystal River, FL 34428


June 19
Crystal River 3 SGRP Outage

Welcome to the CR3's outage. We are at this time 100% Staffed
The outage is currently scheduled to commence on September , 26 ,2009 for a planned duration of 72 days. The weeks prior to the outage may require you to work some overtime to complete the required training.
We are scheduled to work 6-12's with possable alternate day off. If you are traveling with someone it is recommended that you plan on having transportation for each, so if the day off is different you are not trapped.
You must be able to perform as hired, and qualify to wear a respraitor. If you need Respirator Glasses you must have them with you when you report.
We hope you find this page to be both informative and useful, it you have any ideas for making it better feel free to call me. Let’s have a Safe but Fun Outage.
Please be carful traveling here.

For Parking info see link below.
Outage Parking will be off Site
All Outage Contractors will be required to park off site from 6/30/09 till further notice. The Parking Lot is just North of the plant on Hwy 19 (Approx .5 miles) there is a flashing light there it is across the road from the intersection of Hwy 19 and 488 intersection. Lot is on the West side of Hwy 19. Bring ID and Lock your car. It is out in the open so it will get hot in the car. See link below
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The 2009 Florida Statutes

Chapter 320
320.1325 Registration required for the temporarily employed.--Motor vehicles owned or leased by persons who are temporarily employed within the state but are not residents are required to be registered. Upon payment of the fees prescribed in this section and proof of insurance coverage as required by the applicant's resident state, the department shall provide a temporary registration plate and a registration certificate valid for 90 days to an applicant who is temporarily employed in this state. The temporary registration plate may be renewed one time for an additional 90-day period. At the end of the 180-day period of temporary registration, the applicant shall apply for a permanent registration if there is a further need to remain in this state. A temporary license registration plate may not be issued for any commercial motor vehicle as defined in s. 320.01. The fee for the 90-day temporary registration plate shall be $40 plus the applicable service charge required by s. 320.04. Subsequent permanent registration and titling of a vehicle registered hereunder shall subject the applicant to providing proof of Florida insurance coverage as specified in s. 320.02 and payment of the fees required by s. 320.072, in addition to all other taxes and fees required.
History.--s. 11, ch. 91-82; s. 62, ch. 94-306; s. 103, ch. 99-13; ss. 34, 273, ch. 99-248.
NUF Requirments are as folows
Sr HP's who have passed with >80% in the past 5 years, and it is in PADS will not have to retest (Must not Expire during outage)
Jr HP's Will take the test, they will be evaulated by experiance, and a score of <80% will be a case by case decision. Air Sample Formulas (MATH) are inportant to know to pass the HP Procedure test later that week.
There will be a NUF Study Class offered (it will be on your own time) we will have one prior to all test dates. It is recommended that all that have to take the test, also plan to take the class.
Other Useful Links
Camping location Elite Resorts 1 800-356-2460 ext 1 ask about the Special Extended Rates for Progress Outage People.
Recruiting at 1-800-225-0385
Joey Melanson Ext. 1272


June 19
Personal Safety Equipment

ANSI certified safety shoes (steel or composite toe) are required in the plant. Non-prescription safety glasses and hardhat will be provided. If you have a BHI Hard Hat that is Good, please bring it with you. Gloves and Hearing Protection will be provided by Site.
You will need two forms of identification, (i.e. photo ID and social security card or original birth certificate). Please come prepared with information you may need such as dose history, FFD, etc. Ensure you are in calss on time for all training classes as the schedules are strictly adhered to.