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Hope Creek


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March 11

​BHI Energy recently made changes to the payment method of per diem for eligible employees.  To assist you in understanding these changes, we have prepared the following answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need further information or have any questions, please call the Payroll Department @ 800-225-0385

1)    If I already have Direct Deposit (DD) will my Per Diem (PD) automatically be deposited ?  YES
2)    Can I still elect to receive a “live” PD check?  PD is a non-taxable earning code on the weekly check.  It is no longer a separate check.  The entire check is paid either DD or live check, based on employee set up.
3)    Is travel expenses and/or travel day PD included as a DD?  For employees recruited out of the Piedmont SC office, travel is part of the weekly check (i.e., would be DD if employee is set up for DD).  For employees recruited out of the Weymouth MA office, travel continues to be a live check.  As we continue to streamline operations, we expect to have a consistent process by year end.
4)    Will cash advances be DDed?  Per Diem advances will continue to be a live check.
5)    Will bonuses/incentives be DDed ?  Bonuses will continue to be a live check.
6)    Can PD be DDed into a different account?  Employees are set up for one direct deposit account.  The entire check is DD into the one account in the employee record.  To ensure operational efficiency and reduced account maintenance and minimal direct deposit rejects, the limit is one account for DD.
7)    How will it appear on my stub?  The Per Diem is a separate non-taxable line item on the check.  The earning code (PD1) shows as a separate line on the check.  The number of days per diem, the per diem rate, and total amount shows on the check stub.
8)    Will my W-2 be any different?  The Per Diem will not show on the W2 earnings, as per diem is not taxable wages.
9)    Can I opt out of DD?  To delete DD, please email requesting to cancel DD.  Please include name and last 4 digits of SSN.

April 22



 Welcome to Hope Creek’s Fall 2016 Refueling Outage.
        Thank you for choosing Hope Creek for your Fall outage.
Security checkpoint is now active. When driving on the access road towards the plant when the road starts two lanes, stay in the left lane. As you approach the security checkpoint use lane "3". Its the far left lane for visitors, push the call button. Security will then verify you are on the approved list to enter the OCA (Owner Controlled Area). Use caution when merging back into the oncoming traffic from lane 1 and 2. Many of the plant personnel have transponders that open the arm gate automatically as they approach so they don't have to stop. Once on site continue to the In-processing building. For details see below.
I look forward to seeing you and meeting those of you I don't yet know.
Lisa Cimino will be the BHI Energy-Power Services Site Manager for the outage. If you need to contact her you can call her at (303) 775-0932 or email her at or
 A Note aout BHI Energy-Power Services Rebranding of the Company- Many of you may have noticed the Bartlett name has been replaced with BHI Energy-Power Services. Starting Jan 1, 2015, the new name was implemented to relect the restructuring of the company. Over the last few years BHI Energy has grown and added additional services to support our customers and the BHI Energy Power Services brand encompasses the expanded services. You will hear more about the rebranding when you report ot the outage.
Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming outage.
Frederick Campbell
Director of Operations-USA-STARS
(864) 622-2137


April 22

You are required to complete your Security Personnel History Questionnaire at least 10 days BEFORE your report date to site.  The preferred method is to log onto the Electronic PHQ site, create an account and fill out the appropriate EPHQ in accordance to the attached instructions. If you do not have computer access, you can print out the appropriate form, fill it out and fax to the site.



Please click on the "Security Forms" link to find the forms and instructions. Thank you!

April 22
About the Spring 2015 Outage

  The outage is tentatively scheduled to begin April 10th and end approx May 4th


Tenative Work Schedule:  

Prior to the outage, you will work 5-8’s with the possibility of overtime once you are badged and have completed qualifications. For those of you reporting for the later staffing dates, training days may last up to 12 hours. During the outage, we plan to work 2 shifts of 6-12’s.
Lodging: for a list of area lodging, please go to page 2 of this site posting, or click on the links located on the upper left side of this page.
Transportation Requirements: It's a requirement that each employee have their own transportation to get to and from work. If you show up without adequate transportation, you risk having a scheduling issue.

April 22


Hope Creek is a GE Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) rated at 1268 MWe, and went on line in December 1986. It is owned and operated by Public Service Enterprises Group (PSEG). Hope Creek shares it’s 740 acre “Artificial Island” site with the 2 Salem PWR units. Together, the plants comprise the second largest nuclear generating facility in the United States. Artificial Island is located in southern New Jersey on the eastern shore of the Delaware River, six miles NW of Hancocks Bridge, about 11 miles SW of Salem, NJ, and about 35 miles SW of Philadelphia.

April 22


You should report for work to the on-site PROCESSING CENTER at 6:00 AM.

The Processing Center is located at the east end of the main paved parking lot, directly across from the site security entrance. It's the 1st building on your left as you enter the parking area at the end of the access road.



Please pay attention to the speed limit on the access road, and DO NOT PASS USING THE CENTER LANE. The local Lower Alloways Creek police force patrols the access road and will occasionally set up speed traps there. Also, in New Jersey the rural speed limit is 50 mph and the urban speed limit is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit on the access road is 50 mph until you arrive at the owner controlled property, where it is reduced to 20 mph as you enter the site . Also, please remember that it is now illegal in New Jersey to drive while talking on a phone unless the phone is hands free.

April 22

You may need ID in order to complete an I-9 form. This is a form required by the Department of Homeland Security to be completed at the time of employment. You can use a passport, or 2 other forms of ID that are listed on the reverse of the form (Examples include a valid driver’s license or a school or government issued ID card along with a social security card or an original/certified birth certificate).
Have your lifetime dosimetry records available if possible, and know your current year dose or bring your dose estimate records with you. You must be able to provide a lifetime and current year dose estimate, and know where you have received your current year’s dose.
Senior HP techs must take the Nuclear Utilities Fundamentals Exam (NUF) and pass with a grade of 80% or better, unless you are either an active NRRPT member or you’ve taken and passed the NUF within the past 4 years. NRRPT active membership and prior test results must be verified, so bring your NRRPT certificate with you, or know where and when you last passed the NUF, in case it is not recorded in PADS. If we cannot verify your status, you will be required to take the test near the start of your training. The test is administered by computer through NanTel. JHP techs are not required to take the NUF, however if you are close to becoming a SHP and want to take the test, let me know and I’ll arrange for you to take it, time permitting. If you need study materials, there is a link on the outage list page at, or you can use your own user ID and password on

April 22

If this is your first nuclear facility here are a few tips to make your training phase flow smoother. If you served in active military duty or were discharged within the last 3 yrs and it was considered employment, you must provide a copy of your DD214. You will need names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of all of your employers, within the last three yrs. You will need a list of all of your residences, including addresses, for the last five yrs. You will need to list all arrests since your 18th birthday. You must bring the arresting paperwork and proof of court disposition. I cannot stress enough the importance of completing all security paperwork as honestly and as straightforward as you can. Omission on your paperwork is reason for termination of unescorted access.
For traveling to the site, you will be paid mileage costs in accordance with government rates (unless you are local to the plant, of course). Additionally, you may be able to get reimbursed for toll charges you incurred along the way, BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE TOLL RECEIPTS. If you use Easy Pass, or another electronic method of paying tolls, you will need to get a copy of the charges from your account online in order to be reimbursed.

April 22

You will be required to affiliate with the IBEW union local 94. If you have been affiliated with ANY IBEW local in the past, bring your membership card or know when and where you were previously a member. Past affiliation will allow immediate re-affiliation, and will waive the initiation fee.

April 22


Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided, however if you have your own favorites, they are acceptable as long as they meet ANSI standards. BHI Energy-Power Services requests that you help the environment by keeping your hardhat between outages and re-using it. A variety of eyeglass side shields are available on-site, but your prescription glasses must be ANSI safety glass approved. Safety shoes are recommended but not required. Your work shoe must have a sturdy leather upper with a defined heel. No sneakers style shoes (unless they are ANSI safety shoes) or open toed shoes will be allowed.
Scrubs are no longer available on-site. If you have your own, you are encouraged to bring them. You may also wear shorts and tee shirt as modesty garments under PC’s. Once on-site, you may wear scrubs to and from work if you desire. Please do not wear scrubs or shorts to work during the training phase.


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