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January 04


January 04
Welcome to Monticello FAQ

· What will be the hours of the outage
We work 6 – 12s Days off will be spread over all 7 days
· NUF requirements. Passing grades,how many times to take, good for how many years.
80% good for 5 years. Current NRRPT Registration or passed Part 1 of the ABHP examination exempted.
· How many days is the outage
Currently scheduled to start 4/13/19 and last approx 30 days
· Contact Information:
Tricia Cusiamno-800-225-0385 ext 1268

· Who supplies the hard hats, work gloves, safety glasses and scrubs
BHI will provide hard hats Monticello will provide safety glasses, and gloves. Scrubs are also supplied by Monticello, but they cannot be worn or taken off site.
· Can you wear scrubs in and out of work
See above
· Cafeteria & shifts open during outage
Monticello does not have a cafeteria, however we have a full kitchen in the RP Office area with 4 microwaves, full stove and Refrigerator.
Also the BHI -RP crew trailer has a Refrigerator, 2- microwaves, toaster and coffee pot.
Last Refueling outage we did have a caterer on site that provided breakfast and lunch meals around the clock. They are likely to be back for Spring 2019 outage.
· Smoking policy
Smoking allowed in designated locations only
· What kind of safety shoes are required:
     Composite or Steel Toes
Please see handbook attached below

· Radiation Protection Office number for calling in late or sick
763-295-1488 or 1135
· Parking policy
please see the handbook attached above
· Need to bring an Official photo ID & soc sec card or Current PassPort
· Where does everyone live, town etc
Motel: Super 8 "Excellent Value"
Best in Town Get'm while they last.
Very Nice $50 Night $350 Wkly
"Newly Remodeled" Get your Reservations
1114 Cedar Street, Monticello, Mn 55362
Closest Towns - Monticello, Big Lake, Becker, Clear Water
Farther out – St. Cloud, St Michael, Albertville, Elk River, Rogers, Maple Grove
· Dress Code
Appropriate work attire


January 04
  • For all technicians reporting on their scheduled report date please report at 0600 on site off the plant access road on teh left side.  Look for signs and go to trailer #1.  Please see the map in the handbook that was emailed out to everyone and is attached below.

January 03
Additional Requirements

​Xcel Energy performs their own electronic personal history questionnaies (ePHQ) and complete background investigations.  You will be contacted via email and will be provided a link to complete your ePHQ on-line.  If you have an AOL account you will need to create a new account.  Individuals not returning completed ePHQs prior to your report date will not be allowed to process in.

March 11

​BHI Energy recently made changes to the payment method of per diem for eligible employees.  To assist you in understanding these changes, we have prepared the following answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need further information or have any questions, please call the Payroll Department @ 800-225-0385

1)    If I already have Direct Deposit (DD) will my Per Diem (PD) automatically be deposited ?  YES
2)    Can I still elect to receive a “live” PD check?  PD is a non-taxable earning code on the weekly check.  It is no longer a separate check.  The entire check is paid either DD or live check, based on employee set up.
3)    Is travel expenses and/or travel day PD included as a DD?  For employees recruited out of the Piedmont SC office, travel is part of the weekly check (i.e., would be DD if employee is set up for DD).  For employees recruited out of the Weymouth MA office, travel continues to be a live check.  As we continue to streamline operations, we expect to have a consistent process by year end.
4)    Will cash advances be DDed?  Per Diem advances will continue to be a live check.
5)    Will bonuses/incentives be DDed ?  Bonuses will continue to be a live check.
6)    Can PD be DDed into a different account?  Employees are set up for one direct deposit account.  The entire check is DD into the one account in the employee record.  To ensure operational efficiency and reduced account maintenance and minimal direct deposit rejects, the limit is one account for DD.
7)    How will it appear on my stub?  The Per Diem is a separate non-taxable line item on the check.  The earning code (PD1) shows as a separate line on the check.  The number of days per diem, the per diem rate, and total amount shows on the check stub.
8)    Will my W-2 be any different?  The Per Diem will not show on the W2 earnings, as per diem is not taxable wages.
9)    Can I opt out of DD?  To delete DD, please email requesting to cancel DD.  Please include name and last 4 digits of SSN.