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August 31


Welcome to Peach Bottom Unit 2’s Fall 2018 Refueling Outage.



My name is Pam O'Bryhim and I'm the BHI Energy Site Manager at Peach Bottom. We're getting ready for Unit 2's refueling outage this October. I'm looking forward to working with those of you I've worked with in the past, and also to meeting those I don't yet know.


August 31


Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station is located on the west bank of the Susquehanna river on the Conowingo pond in Delta, Pa. Peach Bottom is a two unit nuclear generating facility. The address is:
1848 Lay Road
Delta, Pennsylvania
Units 2 and 3 are boiling water reactors capable of generating 1412 megawatts each. Both units began commercial operation in 1974. Peach Bottom is co-owned by Exelon Generation and Public Service Electric and Gas of New Jersey. Exelon Nuclear operates Peach Bottom.


Unit one was a 40 megawatt experimental High Temperature Helium- Cooled and Graphite moderated reactor. During its seven year life (1967-1974) unit one provided valuable technical and cost data to U.S. utilities for application in larger plants.
August 31

The outage is tentatively scheduled to begin October 15th, and last approximately 14 days. BHI will bring in SHP techs (ANSI 18.1 & 3.1), JHP techs, and Decon (RW) techs.


 During the outage you will be working 2 shifts 7-12’s with the exception of the the decon technicians supporting Maintenance.

TRAINING :  If your fall schedule has you coming to Peach from another Exelon plant you will receive ALL of your training at that site. If you feel you are missing some training on your traveler please talk to your coordinator.


Transportation Requirements: It's a requirement that each employee have their own transportation to get to and from work. If you have any issues regarding transportation, I need to know at least 3 weeks prior to your start date. If you show up without adequate transportation, you risk having a scheduling issue that I can't fix.
Shift preferences and other scheduling requests:  In an attempt to accommodate everyone as best as possible, I need to know about any scheduling needs or requests you might have. If you're traveling with someone and need to be on the same shift or you have other legitimate requests, please inform me at the earliest possible time what your request is and why. You can contact me by email at I'll make every attempt to honor your request but as you know sometimes it may not be possible. Schedules are developed in the weeks prior to the outage and I may not be able to meet your needs if I'm unaware of them until your report date. Routine scheduling requests will be considered based on the order they're received.


August 31
All Technicians will report on their confirmed start date and time as stated below. Shorts or scrubs are not allowed during in-processing. If you show up for in-processing in shorts or scrubs  you will be sent home.
10/01 start time is 07:00 Report to the Training Center at the end of Atom Road
10/08  start  time is 07:00 Report to the Training Center at the end of Atom Road
10/10  start time is 07:00 Report to the Training Center at the end of Atom Road.
10/12 state time is 06:00 Report to the Training Center. There will be a bus to transport you from the contractor parking lot at the end of Lay Rd. to the training center. Buses start running at 05:30
 The on site training center is located just south of the plant near the old Unit 1 facility.
Parking -During the outage you will park in the contractor parking lot. There are signs that will direct you to the appropriate lot. If you park in the Exelon parking lot your car will get booted. Please pay attention to the speed limits and do not cut across open parking spaces.

August 31


Some techs will need ID as required to complete an I-9 form. This is a form required by the Department of Homeland Security to be completed at the time of employment, and periodically thereafter. You can use a passport, or 2 other forms of ID that are listed with the form's instructions (Examples include a valid driver’s license or a school or government issued ID card along with a social security card or an original/certified birth certificate).
 PLEASE NOTE: Many of you will need new I-9 forms due to a revision, so please bring necessary ID as listed above. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Please call if you have any questions. 
Know your current year dose or bring your dose estimate records with you. You must be able to provide a lifetime and current year dose estimate, and know where you have received your current year’s dose., or you can use your own user ID and password on


August 31

​Exelon now uses a web-based security background company at Shortly before your start date, you should receive an email containing a link to their secure website. IT IS MANDATORY that you go to this site and complete your security questionaire (PHQ). THIS ELECTRONIC PHQ MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO YOUR START DATE AND WITHIN THE TIME-FRAME GIVEN IN THE EMAIL! Failure to do so can impact your being badged in a timely manner and might result in unpaid time off while you wait to be badged. If you don't receive the PHQ email from Exelon by 2 weeks prior to your start date, check your SPAM folder in case it landed there, or call Scott Davis at BHI at ext. 1291 so we can look into it.

August 31

If this is your first nuclear facility here are a few tips to make your training phase flow smoother. If you served in active military duty or weere discharged within the last 3 yrs and it was considered employment, you must provide a copy of your DD214. You will need names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of all of your employers, within the last three years. You will need a list of all of your residences, including addresses, for the last five years. You will need to list all arrests since your 18th birthday. You must bring the arresting paperwork and proof of court disposition. I cannot stress enough the importance of completing all security paperwork as honestly and as straightforward as you can. Omission on your paperwork is reason for denial or termination of unescorted access.

For traveling to the site, you will be paid mileage costs in accordance with government rates (unless you are local to the plant, of course). Additionally, you can get reimbursed for toll charges you incurred along the way, BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE TOLL RECEIPTS. If you use Easy Pass, or another electronic method of paying tolls, you will need to get a copy of the charges from your account online in order to be reimbursed.


August 31

BHI Energy recently made changes to the payment method of per diem for eligible employees.  To assist you in understanding these changes, we have prepared the following answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you need further information or have any questions, please call the Payroll Department @ 800-225-0385

1)    If I already have Direct Deposit (DD) will my Per Diem (PD) automatically be deposited ?  YES
2)    Can I still elect to receive a “live” PD check?  PD is a non-taxable earning code on the weekly check.  It is no longer a separate check.  The entire check is paid either DD or live check, based on employee set up.
3)    Is travel expenses and/or travel day PD included as a DD?  For employees recruited out of the Piedmont SC office, travel is part of the weekly check (i.e., would be DD if employee is set up for DD).  For employees recruited out of the Weymouth MA office, travel continues to be a live check.  As we continue to streamline operations, we expect to have a consistent process by year end.
4)    Will cash advances be DDed?  Per Diem advances will continue to be a live check.
5)    Will bonuses/incentives be DDed ?  Bonuses will continue to be a live check.
6)    Can PD be DDed into a different account?  Employees are set up for one direct deposit account.  The entire check is DD into the one account in the employee record.  To ensure operational efficiency and reduced account maintenance and minimal direct deposit rejects, the limit is one account for DD.
7)    How will it appear on my stub?  The Per Diem is a separate non-taxable line item on the check.  The earning code (PD1) shows as a separate line on the check.  The number of days per diem, the per diem rate, and total amount shows on the check stub.
8)    Will my W-2 be any different?  The Per Diem will not show on the W2 earnings, as per diem is not taxable wages.
9)    Can I opt out of DD?  To delete DD, please email requesting to cancel DD.  Please include name and last 4 digits of SSN.

August 31


For area lodging, please click on the links located on the upper left side of this page. Many techs choose to stay in Aberdeen, Havre de Grace, or Belair, MD as they are 20 to 25 miles (45 to 50 minutes) from site. York and Lancaster are approx. a 30 to 35 mile (about an hour) drive each way. Willow Street is located just south of Lancaster and is approx. 25 miles (45 to 50 minutes) from site. If you make reservations early enough, you may get a room at the Peach Bottom Inn or the Amber Light Inn, both of which are within 15 minutes of site.
When calling the big franchises ask for places in MD locations like Aberdeen, Bel Air, Elkton, or Havre De Grace, or PA locations like York, or Lancaster.


Holiday Inn / Comfort Inn / Red Roof Inn / Super 8 /
Econo Lodge / Days Inn / Motel 6 / La Quinta /
Doubletree by Hilton / Clarion / Travelodge

August 31


Muddy Run Park
Tucquan Park
Otter Creek Campground


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