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June 18

Please feel free to call Sam Bass at 800 225 0385, ext. 1233 or Tim Lawson at 229 589 2200 for other concerns or information about the outage.
Information for Outage Contractors
Welcome to Seabrook Station!
By following the instructions of this flyer, you will arrive at the Seabrook Station Conference Center. Your outage in-processing activities will begin at the Conference Center. A site map is included on the reverse side to assist you.
Individuals should be aware that alcohol (including empty containers), illegal drugs, weapons, pepper spray, mace, ammunition, and adult-oriented reading material are not allowed on station property. You should not have consumed alcohol within 5 hours of reporting for work.
After initial check-in (where you were handed this flyer) . . .
1) Follow the signs out of the parking lot and turn right. WATCH for traffic before turning. You are on the South Access Road and the speed limit is 35 mph.
2) Continue driving to the end of the road, and then straight into the A parking lot.
3) Park in a designated parking space. If the A parking lot is full, exit the lot and drive back onto the South Access Road. You will see a sign for the entrance to the G parking lot on your right; follow the signs and park. Outage workers must park in the A or G lot ONLY for the duration of the outage.
Parking in any lot other than the A or G lot may result in your vehicle being booted or towed at your expense.
4) After parking, proceed on foot to the Time Office (Williams only) or the Conference Center (all others) and check-in – see map on reverse.
Smoking Policy – You may smoke only in designated smoking kiosks. These kiosks are situated in various locations around the site. Please place butts in the receptacles located next to the smoking kiosks.
Camera Policy - Pictures/videos of security-related equipment or security personnel cannot be taken anywhere on site. Pictures of plant equipment and personnel may be taken; however, permission from your supervisor is required before bringing a camera into the Protected Area (cell phone cameras are excepted).



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