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October 25
Waterford Outage   January 2019

All resumes and hiring go through the BHI home office. 

They are hiring for HP and Decon only. 



Site Coordinator will be Barry Keele, the best way to contact him now is through his BHI email, which is or the Entergy one which is

The outage is scheduled to start on 1/5/19 and for most HP and Decon

personnel it will last until the first part of Feb.

Start Dates for most will be 12/26/18 or 1/1/19.  Subject to change of course.

Recruiters Scott Davis and Terrence Ball will be submitting resumes, please contact them with any questions.

Report at 0700 at the inprocessing doublewide just off the parking area.  This location is subject to change so please check this site next week for any updates.

Even though BHI is doing the PHQ's, you will be required to fill one out for Waterford when you arrive.  Please bring the info with you. 

You will be required to attend an indoctrination on the first day, followed by turning in your PHQ to WF Security screeeners, FFD testing, photo, hand geometry, and CBT's.  Please be ready for the CBT"s, time is limited.

Everyone will be scheduled for FME training and HU training as well.

Park only in the contractor will be issued a parking pass when you arrive.  Drive slow and safe in the parking lot

Please bring 2 forms of ID with you, a cancelled check to set up direct deposit, and wear proper attire for training/in processing.

IF you are travelling greater than 501 miles, you will be allowed $40.00 for meals and up to $200.00 for lodging (1 night)  You must bring receipts in to get reimbursed for this.


Bring a form 5 if you have worked at an Entergy site prior to our outage.

If you have a BHI hardhat, please bring it with you.


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